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Extension Ideas

Here are some suggestions for continuing your gardening activities at your school:

  1. Repeat the Grow Your Own Grub project with winter crops such as garlic, onions and broad beans which are planted in the autumn months of September, October and November.

  2. Repeat the Grow Your Own Grub project but try different vegetables and fruits, grow an apple tree in a pot!

  3. Click here for growing leaflets of other fruit and vegetables you might like to try 
                Courgette        Leek        Carrot        Tomato        Strawberry        Rocket            
  1. Create an indoor garden: sunflower seeds can be grown indoors all year round and harvested when only a couple of inches high as sunflower greens and they are highly nutritious. Or wheatgrass can be grown for juicing. Seeds and beans can be sprouted in jars and will be ready in days for tasting. These are some of the most nutritional foods we can eat and we don't need a garden! Herbs can be grown on windowsills too.

  2. Gardening by the moon! Sowing seeds when the moon is at different phases may affect its growth, experiment and see if you notice any difference.

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