Session Two Instruction Card

Transplanting your Carrot plants

  1. When the plants are about 3cm high they are ready for planting outside.

  2. Take them outside and water them well

  3. Push from the bottom of the module up to ease the compost and plants out of the module.

  4. You should see the roots of the plant holding the compost together.

  5. Make a hole that is wide and deep enough to plant the clump of carrots in.

  6. Place the clump of carrots in the hole and fill the hole with soil. Press the soil down around the clump of carrots.

  7. Measure the next hole so it is 23cm away from the first one and continue until you have planted a row, the row can be as long or as short as you like.

  8. If you want to plant another row then start it at least 23cm from the first row.

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