Session Two Care Card
  1. Your tomato plants will need to be watered every two days but if the weather is very hot water them every day.

  2. Keep your tomato plants free of weeds - weeds are any other plant which grows near your tomatoes which isn't the tomato plant!

  3. If you have any compost left put it around the bottom of the plant, about 2/3 cm thick.

  4. Watch out for slugs on your seedlings, see the Slug Action Plan (in Extras) to find out how to get rid of slugs without harming them or using chemicals.

  5.  As the plants grow taller keep tying them loosely onto their canes so they don't fall over.

  6.  When the plant has formed three or four ‘tresses' - clusters of fruit, pinch off the top of the plant to stop any more tresses forming. This makes sure that you won't get lots of unripe green tomatoes and instead the plant's energy goes into making lovely ripe tomatoes.

  7. Make sure the tomatoes are kept off the soil – tie them to the cane or put straw under them.

  8. It is also good to pinch off the side shoots which grow from each leaf joint with your fingers.

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