Session Two Care Card
  1. Your peas will need lots of water, especially when the first flowers appear and when the first ‘pods' form. Water them well every two days but if the weather is very hot water them every day.

  2. Keep your peas free of weeds - weeds are any other plant which grows near your pea plant which isn't the pea plant!

  3. As the pea plants grow make sure they are clinging to their peas sticks and climbing their way up them. If they need help gently move the pea plant towards the pea stick.

  4. If you have any compost left put it around the bottom of the plant, about 4cm thick.

  5. Birds can be scared away to stop them pinching your peas – put some sticks in the ground with plastic bottles on top which rattle in the wind or make a scarecrow (both are good ways of recycling some rubbish).

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