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In this session you will be moving your seedlings outside to their new homes.

We estimate the time needed is one hour for the classroom session and 15 minutes per day to check the plants outside and water/weed them if necessary. 

Teacher's Lesson Plan for Session Two

Divide your class into their four groups. Each group will be transplanting their plants in this session and discussing what they may like to eat in the final session. We suggest that two groups be supervised outside planting whilst two groups are supervised inside preparing recipes using the classroom activity cards -after 30 minutes the groups can swap activities. If you do not have enough staff to supervise two groups transplanting at the same time, use the same structure as Session One where one group at a time goes outside.

  1. Introduce second session – transplanting & recipe planning
  2. Discuss what care the plants will need outdoors
  3. Discuss the planning of recipes for the final session
  4. Explain the information cards (more facts about the fruit/
    veg )
  5. Explain instruction cards
  6. Practical Session – transplanting the seedlings
  7. Explain plant care cards
  8. Explain invitation letter to parents for final session
Session Two (transplanting)
Teacher's guidelines

Introduce the second session:

In this session you will be doing what is called ‘transplanting' - ‘transplanting' simply means moving our plants from one place to another.

“Your seeds should now have grown enough to be ready to be moved to their new home. You need to plant them somewhere with more space as they will not be able to grow as big as they need to if we keep them in the seed trays. You transplant them by very carefully removing them from the seed tray and planting them into their containers outside .”

“ In the last session of this project you will get a chance to taste some of the food you have grown so you need to think about how you would like to do this e.g. eat them raw or in a simple dish.”

Discussion with class:

“What do your plants need now they have been transplanted?”

Water, warmth, sunshine, weeding - this information is contained in the care cards for each group.

“This second session also includes preparation for the final session when the food-tasting takes place. On that day we will be eating our five fruit and vegetables from the plants that we have grown! Using the classroom activity cards you will be thinking up some meals or snacks that you might like to eat.”

Explain to the class that their parents will be invited to join the third session and take part in the harvesting and food-tasting.

Children's Session Two Information Cards:  

Introduce the information cards to the children - they include some more interesting facts about their vegetable/fruit so they can get to know them better!

Carrot information card  
Pea information card  
Spinach information card  
Tomato information card  

Session Two (transplanting)
Teacher's transplanting lesson plan

This practical session is about recognising whether the children's seedlings are ready to be planted outside, how to move them from the tray to their containers outside and how to plant each fruit/vegetable according to its own individual needs.

Each group will need:

  • Trowels
  • Watering cans
  • Ruler
  • Labels

As each group will need to look for different signs for when their seedlings are ready and will need to plant them differently according to their varying needs we have provided children's instructions cards for each group. Work through the instructions on each of the cards.

Children's Session Two Instruction Cards:

Click on each to open:

Carrot instruction card  
Pea instruction card  
Spinach instruction card  
Tomato instruction card  

Session Two (transplanting)
Teacher's plant care notes

Pamper those Plants!

After all the seedlings have been transplanted they will need some follow-up care. They will need regular watering and weeding, but again each plant will have some special requirements so we have included some children's care cards for each group.

Children's Session Two Care Cards:
Click on each to open:

Carrot care card  
Pea care card  
Spinach care card  
Tomato care card  

You will need to keep an eye on the weather – if it's very hot the children should water their plants everyday, if not every other day is fine.

Session Two (transplanting)
Teacher's follow up notes to
Session Two
What next? Planning for Session Three

We have included some suggestions for activities which could be suitable for the weeks between Sessions Two and Three. Activity Cards 6,7 & 8 will encourage children to think about where our food comes from, how far it has travelled to be on our plates, and how it is that we can get some foods all year round when they are out of season in our country.

Activity card 9 asks children to think about meals or snacks for Session Three which is all about food-tasting! In between the second and third sessions the children could work on their plans for the final session. The session can be about trying the food in its raw state, as many children have not eaten raw vegetables, or preparing a simple meal or snack such as a salad or sandwich. It can also include how to present the food in an attractive way - its amazing how artistic we can be with food! This work is to emphasise the importance of healthy food.

To help with the planning for Session Three here are some suggestions:

  1. Send a letter to parents inviting them to Session Three (click to open the letter)

  2. Check the progress of the plants; if it looks like they will not be ready in time for the third session then you may need to buy some tomatoes, spinach, peas and carrots to show what their plants will eventually grow into.

  3. Use the Activity Card 9 to get some ideas of what to prepare for the last session.

  4. For schools in Portsmouth some resources may be available from the city council to use for the food-related games. (click to link to the extras page)

  5. Check availability of food preparation area in your school if appropriate
Children's Activity Cards

Related activities which can be done during this session or at any other time:

Now follow on to Session Three (harvesting)


'Transplanting' simply means moving our
plants from one place to another
















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