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Your growing area

Fruit and vegetables can be grown in all kinds of different locations, from large areas of land such as allotments to small pots for herbs on a windowsill. Most vegetables can be grown in pots and even fruit bushes and trees can grow in pots.

Your school may have quite a large space to grow food so you can choose to grow all your crops in the ground, or you may have no land at all and will need to grow all your crops in containers or you may want to do a bit of both!

When choosing some space in the ground or a paved area to do your growing here are a few points to consider:

  • Observe where the sun goes - the area will need to get some sunshine each day diagram 1a / 1b (right)

  • Try and choose an open site that isn't too overshadowed by trees or tall buildings

  • The vegetables/fruit will need regular watering so you will need an adequate water supply, being able to use a tap for watering cans or a hose will be enough

  • Observe the wind direction, ideally the area should be a little sheltered but it is not essential diagram 2 (Below)

    Diagram 2

  • If possible don't choose an area near a busy road because of the pollution from car exhausts

At this point you will need to decide if you are going to be growing your plants in the ground or in containers. When you have decided you will need to move on to the ‘Container' or ‘Ground' sections of this site. In these separate sections we provide help in choosing your ideal growing space as you will need to take into consideration the growing habits of each crop. We also provide some examples of designs/ plans which you may wish to use or adapt to suit your own situation.

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These conditions are unsuitable for growing

Diagram 1a - North Facing Wall = No sun

These conditions are suitable for growing

Diagram 1b - East, south or west facing wall =
Some sun throughout the day

Look out for these symbols so that you can
see immediately whether you are in a
"Container growing" section or a
"Ground growing" section

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