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General Overview & Aims

This project involves growing four different vegetables tomatoes, carrots, peas and spinach - that can be used to make a healthy meal. This is done over three separate sessions over the main growing season between March and July. The project is designed to finish just before the end of the summer term. The children's parents can be invited to join in the final session which involves harvesting and food-tasting activities.

The aims of the project are:

  • to encourage children to be as familiar with fruit and vegetables as they are with other types of food

  • for children to learn where their food comes from

  • for children to learn how to grow a fruit or vegetable which they can eat as part of a meal or a snack

  • to promote the five-a-day healthy eating message

  • to raise awareness of the seasonal aspect of food

  • for parents to be involved with these learning opportunities and to consider growing food at home with their children


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