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Wider Context

The Grow Your Own Grub project fits very well into the wider context of government initiatives promoting healthier lifestyles. For instance:

The Fruit in Schools Scheme - ensures that every child aged 5-7 receives a piece of fruit or vegetable every day. This scheme promotes the importance of eating healthy, fresh food. Growing your own food supports this message.

The National Healthy Schools Standard - part of the Healthy Schools Programme led by the Department for Education and Employment and the Dept. of Health. Healthy eating and exercise are two of the key themes of this programme and a growing project can help to reinforce important messages around food and exercise.

The Eco-Schools Programme - a Europe-wide project designed to encourage whole school action for the environment. One of the important elements is promoting healthy lifestyles.

The National Curriculum there are many ways in which a growing project links in the National Curriculum, (see 'teaching resources' section www.teachernet.gov.uk/growingschools).

Healthy Eating Campaigns - such as the 5 a day campaign
www. 5aday.nhs.uk
and Jamie Oliver's Feed Me Better Project www.feedmebetter.com all link in with the values promoted in the Grow Your Own Grub Project.

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