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Welcome to the Grow Your Own Grub Schools Growing website. We have put together this site to provide help and advice for any schools who want to run an outdoor food-growing project with links to healthy eating and healthy cooking.

We recommend that before going any further you read the 'How to Use This Site' page.


In Summer 2005 members of the Healthy Eating Project at Portsmouth City council ran a successful project called Grow Your Own Grub with two schools in Portsmouth. Children were involved in growing a vegetable or fruit all the way from seed-sowing, caring for the plants as they grew, planting the seedlings into their garden areas, harvesting the food they had grown and then taking part in a taster session! The project ran over three sessions and parents were invited to join in the last session and take part in the food-tasting and some activities and games relating to healthy eating.

The aim of this site is to provide a step by step guide to enable any school to run the same project from the planning stages to the actual practical gardening sessions.

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