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How to use this site

You will first need to familiarise yourself with the 'navigation' - this is how you access the content and move around the website

The navigation bar is located at the top of every page (except the children's cards, which open in a separate window).
From the 'Homepage' (this is the first page of the website) you will see the following navigation bar:

When you move over any of the buttons a sub-menu appears, this is so that you can directly access the sub-sections of each section:

Once you enter the site the navigation bar looks slightly different, but gives you same function as the homepage navigation. This bar is located at the top of every page, although you will need to scroll down the longer pages this navigation bar will always remain visible at the top of the page:

As shown above the sub-menu for each section is displayed when you are in that section. We are sure that once you have tried the navigation a few times you will become familiar with it.

Because this website is a step by step guide to running a growing project it is designed to be worked through in a particular order so it is a little different to normal websites.

This section will explain how to work through the site.

  1. Read through the first two sections in order, click on the following buttons to access these sections:

    from homepage: from inside the website (as explained above):

    They will give you all the information you need to start the project.
    The Overview section will help you decide whether growing in Containers or the Ground is best for your school.
  2. The next step is to move on to either the Ground Growing or Container Growing section of the website.


  3. The Ground Growing and Container Growing sections give you all the practical information that you need to run the project. You will need to work through the Ground or Container Sections in order. Read Getting Started first this helps you decide what equipment you need.

  4. Then you will see :

    These are the three practical sessions you will run with your pupils. Each session is designed for you to work through step by step.
    You will have :Teacher's Instructions to guide you through each session. As you work through these instructions you will be able to access teaching cards to use with your pupils. These cards open in a separate window so simply close the window once you have finished viewing it.

    The information is a mixture of diagrams and written instructions. You can click on the diagrams that have a lot of detail to see bigger versions.
    At the end of each section all of the information is also in printable documents so that you can print off your teaching notes and the children's teaching aids. Click these to open them and then print them off. These are all acrobat PDF files which is a standard read-only file. If you are unable to view these files you will need Adobe Acrobat Software, this is free software click here to download Acrobat Software.

    The website is also specially designed to be used on the interactive whiteboards in your classroom.

  5. The What Next? Section gives you follow-up suggestions when you have finished the project.

  6. Throughout the site you will be able to access extra resources, such as a printable version of the project and a useful Project Timeline, in the Extras section. You can also download the Acrobat PDF reader software you will need to open the printable pages if your computer doesn't already have it.
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