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Timescales Chart (click to open)
This is a visual map which shows you the order of the project and how long it takes.
You can refer to this throughout the project to see what you next steps will be.

Project Evaluation (click to open)
Some ideas if you want to get pupil's and parent's comments about the project

Composting Guide (click to open)
Our complete guide to starting a compost

Slugs & Snails Guide (click to open)
How to stop slugs and snails eating your hard work!

Portsmouth Schools (click to open)
This section is especially for Portsmouth Schools who may be able to access extra
help with the project such as borrowing equipment for activities and being in touch with
mentors for advice on growing.

Printable version of the project (click to open)
This is an acrobat PDF file with the entire project in. If you require a particular printable
section look at the bottom of each section for a link to printable sections PDFs.

Acrobat PDF software download (click to start download)
Click on the above link to download the software required for you to open the printable
files in the website.

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