Activity Card 11
Fruit & Veg Quiz

Q 1. How many portions of fruit and vegetables should we
eat every day?

Q 2. Name 2 fruits beginning with the letter P':

Q 3. Name 3 vegetables beginning with the letter C':

Q 4. Which fruit is said to keep the doctor away?

Q 5. Which vegetable is said to help you see in the dark?

Q 6. Which vitamin do you find in oranges?

Q 7. Which of the following vegetables are green in colour?

broccoli swede cauliflower spinach

Q 8. Which of the following fruit and vegetables grow on trees?

pears oranges lemons apples

Q 9. How many of the following forms of fruit and vegetables count towards your 5+ every day?

fresh dried frozen tinned juices

Q 10. We should eat a variety of fruit and vegetables because they are rich in?

proteins vitamins minerals

Answers can be found in the Teacher's Answer Card at the
bottom of each session, below the Activity Card links.

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