Activity Card 9
Recipe Planning

Creating Recipes for Session 3

You can use this card before Session 3 to encourage the children to think about what they would like to make with their crops in the food-tasting session. If you have any extra money you could buy some other fruits and vegetables that the children have chosen to go with their home grown ones.

In a class discussion or asking each child or group to write down answers discuss the following:

  1. Ask the children to think about how they would like to eat the crops they have grown, for instance do they want to try them raw or cook with them?

Have they tried each of the four vegetables before?

Which is their favourite vegetable out of the four?

With a piece of paper with the shape of a plate drawn on it ask the children to make a colourful design of how the four vegetables could look together on the plate for example they could draw and colour in a face shape or animal/plant design or anything they like.

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